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Are you a good hair transplant candidate?
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good hair transplant candidate

Are you a good hair transplant candidate?

Excessive hair loss is causing baldness on your head which is hampering your beauty. You know getting a hair transplant has become a normal phenomenon. It is the best solution to get your receding confidence back.

Getting a hair transplant is something that can change and enhance your appearance. But not everyone is eligible for the hair transplant. So before going for a hair transplant make sure that you are the right candidate for the same.

You are the right candidate for a transplant if you meet these 8 criteria:

1. You have a good donor hair

There are different variances of the donor’s hair. There are men and women with light hair, fine hair, thin hair, dark hair, curly hair, silver hair, it goes on and on. A board-certified hair transplant surgeon will be able to tell you the quality of your donor’s hair. There is not a specific scale but if you have poor donor hair then your doctor will need to use a combination of various hair transplant techniques.

2. You fit in the ideal age bracket

The right age for getting a hair transplant is between 25 to 65. If you are younger then you must wait until you reach the right age. You should seek counselling from the doctors. They might suggest you topical treatment such as serums or medicines, etc. Patients over 65 might not have a sufficient healthy donor area. A hair transplant might not be the best option for such patients.

3. You have realistic expectations.

The unrealistic expectations that patients might have do not make them a good hair transplant candidate.

If you expect to get hair growth within 2 to 3 months of hair transplant, then you are wrong. It takes approximately 6 to 12 months to get complete hair growth depending on the technique of hair transplant used.

It is very important that you realize what your expectation should be.

4. You have pattern baldness

Not all types of hair loss are the same. Only people suffering from pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) are the right candidate for hair transplant. Those suffering from alopecia areata cannot benefit from the hair transplant.

5. You are willing to use preventive treatments.

Why is it so important that patients should be willing to use preventative treatments if they are getting a hair transplant? A lot of people think that the transplanted hair is permanent so, there won’t be any need of using hair fall prevention treatment.

But in reality, hair loss is a progressive pathological condition that progresses over time. It is chronic, so by using some of the preventative measures, they can reduce the hair fall or even prevent it from progressing.

Sessions of Platelet-rich-plasma therapy or Mesotherapy are sometimes required along with the hair transplant surgery. It helps to prevent hair fall, and restore hair volume.

Safeguarding your transplanted hair is important so that you do not lose hair again.

6. You are healthy

As the hair transplant is a surgical procedure, you need to be in good health. This is because a good immune system helps in reducing the risk of complications. It will help the patient to heal faster. If you have a long-term health condition make sure you discuss it with your surgeon.

7. You have healthy lifestyle habits

Healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and avoiding stress, not only help you feel better but also are good for your hair. It is important to avoid tobacco products and excessive alcohol consumption.

8. You are committed to Post-Procedure care

Your commitment to following the post-surgery instructions as instructed by your doctor is an important factor in the success of your hair transplant.

Complications such as bleeding, swelling, or pain may persist for a few days. Through timely medications and following proper precautions, these complications will disappear. It is a must for having optimal results.

Following the aftercare instructions correctly will reduce your recovery time. It will also help minimize your discomfort.

Next Step

If you feel that you fit in the above-mentioned criteria and you are the ideal candidate to undergo a hair transplant then consult a hair transplant surgeon and hop on your journey of hair transplant.

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