What is the cost for hair transplant in bangalore


Rejoice Hair Transplant is arguably Bangalore's best hair transplant facility, providing comprehensive solutions for all types of hair loss, from early stages to advanced stages, for both men and women. At an affordable price, we provide the best hair transplant service in Bangalore. Aside from having the greatest hair transplant results in Bangalore, they also have the best customer service. Doctors/Surgeons are quite professional in their work, and their well-organized pre- and post-surgery follow-up is commendable. The clinic's infrastructure, as well as surgical techniques and equipment, are all up to date.


The best hair transplant technique is one that provides better hair transplant results while remaining within a reasonable budget. There are various techniques that claim to be the best, but the most popular hair transplant technique is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Patients do not need to be admitted to the hospital. After the surgery, patients can return to work in one or two days. After the surgery, there is no need for bed rest. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), BIO-FUE (Bio Stimulated FUE), FUSS, and other variations of this procedure exists.


The total number of grafts required is divided by the rate per graft to arrive at the final cost. For the same technique and treatment, prices vary depending on clinic location, doctor experience, and popularity. Please call or WhatsApp us at +91-9372290227 for a cost estimate in your case.



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