Hair Transplant Results – What to Expect?

A hair transplant is a foreseeable procedure. There is no need to worry regarding what will occur after it or the results you will get. Your specialist will provide you with details regarding all the post-operative stages. Nothing will be unexpected, and so you do not have to worry.

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Many people in Mumbai these days are opting for hair transplants as a solution to their baldness problems. However, there are usually worried about hair transplant results. They look for a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai with the best results.


Are you worried about the hair transplant results as well? Hair follows a predictable pattern of growth after surgery. We have mentioned the hair transplant results month by month below:

TimeHair Transplant Result
After 3 daysHair shedding will occur
1 week – 6 weeksHair shedding will continue
4 week – 6 weeksHair shedding with some temporary boils
3 months30% of hair will start to penetrate through the scalp
4 – 5 months50% of hair will penetrate through the scalp with hair fall use rejuvenating medicines on your scalp
6 – 9 monthsComplete results are visible for some people
12 – 15 monthsMost people see results after 12 months of surgery

A hair transplant is a foreseeable procedure. There is no need to worry regarding what will occur after it or the results you will get. Your specialist will provide you with details regarding all the post-operative stages. Nothing will be unexpected, and so you do not have to worry.


Several people who go through a hair transplant procedure get quite concerned about their newly transplanted hair. They usually visit their hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai and talk about what is occurring and why they do not find the desired outcome. 


Few of them begin to compare their hair growth to other patient’s hair growth images online. The thought that they lack behind increases their stress. 


So how do you avoid becoming among these people? You can know what form of outcomes you can expect following your hair transplant procedure. You will not stress very much and understand exactly what to expect.


What can you do immediately after your hair transplant surgery?

Some things you can do instantly after your hair transplant procedure to get the best results to include:

  • Consume your usual food in less quantity; ensure it is not much spicy. Also, do not drink or smoke.
  • Take your medicines as your doctor prescribed. Do not take your medicines on an empty stomach; eat them after food or with a glass of milk.
  • You do not need to take bed rest following your procedure. Do everyday activities, such as watching TV, reading, or using your laptop.
  • Do not exert yourself more than your limits. Do not stay awake for much longer; go to bed early.
  • Do not apply pressure over your head; also avoid jerky movements. Additionally, keep your hands far from your bandages.
  • You can lay on your head’s back; you can turn sideways. Yet do not sleep with your hand below your head.
hair transplant results


You will need to visit your specialist again for bandage removal and more instructions on shampoo and cleaning. Following your bandage removal, massage your forehead a minimum of three times a day to decrease swelling.

What to Expect After a Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, your freshly planted grafts move through a growth pattern:

  • At the initial three days after transplant, your grafts will start to work to restore their blood supply, because of which you will experience initial hair shedding.
  • Starting week one up till week six after the hair transplant, the shedding will occur. You may even build some boils after four-six weeks of surgery; still, it is temporary.
  • After a few hairs fall for some weeks, the roots will properly be in place. You may often recognize white material over your hair roots; do not stress very much about it. The roots will start to grow in three-four months.
  • Once your hair shaft has penetrated through your skin and finally begins growing, yet it will change several times in its total look, contributing to overall outcomes. Your natural hair may also experience hair loss in this time; utilize hair fall medicines as your doctor prescribed.

For some period, this hair shaft will remain light in color, weak, and very fine, with gradual enhancements as time passes. After that, it will get indistinguishable from your actual hair.


Note that this is an estimation of where you may be in some period after your hair transplant. Few people notice their desired outcomes after twelve months; similarly, few late growers notice their desired outcomes after fifteen-eighteen months.


Following your hair transplant, your hair continues to develop in the scalp’s transplanted area. Your fresh hair may look more or less dense, based on: 


· How loose the skin over your scalp is 

  • The density of your transplanted follicles
  • How much curly is your hair
  • Your hair quality


Note that a hair transplant works only in the transplanted site; you will continue to face hair loss in your un-treated scalp site. You may also need support from other medicines like PRP or Minoxidil therapies for enhanced hair growth.


Before having a hair transplant, ensure you build realistic expectations. If you have already gone through a hair transplant, consider speaking with your specialist about your expectations. Your specialist will give you an enhanced outlook on your expected outcomes and what you should do to help your hair grow better.


Still, remember that a hair transplant’s accurate results are only visible after twelve-fifteen months. Hence, remain patient.

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