How can you Fight Against Psoriasis at Home?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that develops due to an overactive immune system. . It triggers abnormal growth of your skin cells and causes red scaly patches on your skin.

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Many people throughout the world have Psoriasis. According to a study by World Psoriasis Day Consortium, about 125 million people are affected by Psoriasis. Many people in Mumbai also have Psoriasis. There is a question in their mind that what exactly is the reason for developing Psoriasis.

fight against Psoriasis at home


Know in detail about Psoriasis and home remedies of Psoriasis from the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.


To find out this, we should know about the disease at first. 

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that develops due to an overactive immune system. It triggers abnormal growth of your skin cells and causes red scaly patches on your skin. The disease commonly affects your elbow, scalp, knees, and back. It may include an extreme level of inflammation and itching too.


Though the disease affects your skin, it starts from white blood cell naming, T cells. The overactivation of these T cells leads to Psoriasis.


Though we do not have any cure now yet, various treatments can ease the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Here, we are explaining a few ways to handle the complications of Psoriasis at home.


Dietary supplement- 

Dietary supplements like vitamin D, aloe vera, fish oil, milk thistle, and evening primrose oil can benefit from easing mild psoriasis symptoms. But it would be best if you asked your doctor first about these supplements before consuming them.

Avoid dry skin- 

Avoid the super cool air-conditioned areas. A chilled environment makes your skin dry. Use moisturizers to prevent your skin from flakes and dry patches. You can use olive oil to help troublesome dry skin patches. Massage your scalp and body with olive oil routinely.


Avoid fragrances- 

Fragrances can irritate your due to Psoriasis. Most of the soaps and perfumes have dyes and other chemicals in them. Though it smells very well, yet can trigger the issue. So, you should choose those products which are suitable for sensitive skin.


Healthy eating- 

Diet can play a significant role in fighting Psoriasis. You should avoid red meat, refined sugar, alcohol, and saturated fats to eliminate psoriasis skin itching. Instead of these, you should consume nuts and foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can control your inflammation.


Warm bath- 

Take a bath in warm water. A warm water bath can soothe the itching and patchy scales and help you eliminate skin irritation. It will reduce the dryness of your skin as well.


Manage your stress- 

Research says that Psoriasis can be the result of stress as well. It can even worsen the symptoms also. So, to fight against Psoriasis, you should manage your stress. Try doing yoga and meditation to manage your stress.


Say no to alcohol- 

Alcohol increases the risk associated with Psoriasis. The study says consumption of alcohol can trigger the situation compared to people who do not have Psoriasis.


Avoid smoking- 

Tobacco can make your issues related to Psoriasis more severe. So, avoid smoking. However, other than Psoriasis, it can harm your health in numerous ways.


Use turmeric- 

Research has shown that turmeric has the property to minimize the flare-ups of Psoriasis. It is beneficial to have with your food. You can even take it as a supplement or pills also.


We can not provide you with a single remedy to fight against the Psoriasis. The remedies we have if work for someone it may not for others.


The home remedies in this situation may help you to ease the symptoms. But all of these remedies can work only on mild symptoms. If you are experiencing severe issues of psoriasis development, you should consult your doctor. You will need prescription medications to get rid of your problem.


So, if you are looking for clinical psoriasis treatment, then contact us now.

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