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Body hair transplant in Mumbai – Is it for you?

In most cases, the male counterpart of society suffers from rapid hair loss. The internal factors of your body, mainly the hormonal imbalance and genetic features, are behind this. It is not that women cannot face severe hair loss. But the tendency to become bald is higher in men. As a result, men are having great concern for all. 

It has been seen that many men from Mumbai and surrounding areas are opting for body hair transplants in Mumbai these days. Many men in Mumbai suffer from grade six or seven category hair loss rather than baldness. As a result, they cannot afford an adequate number of healthy hair follicles from the back of their scalp. So, opting for a body hair transplant is the best way out for them. 

Whatever cosmetics or over the counter medications you use, nothing can benefit like a hair transplant surgery. Only proper treatment provided by an efficient hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai can give you a long term solution.

From our experience, we can say that people who don’t have sufficient hair follicle in their scalp, they have an adequate number of hair follicles in their body parts. Consequently, a body hair restoration treatment is by all accounts a decent alternative for them.

Our hair transplant specialist always prefers to perform the hair transplant treatment by using your scalp hair. But that does not mean he will not suggest you go for body hair transplant treatment. A body hair transplant treatment is worth availing in the following situations-

  • Insufficient hair follicles in your scalp. 
  • The hair follicles present in the back portion of your scalp are not very useful for hair transplant.
  • The back portion of your scalp already has a scar. 

We all know that facial hair, mainly beard hair is very similar to your scalp hair. Using your beard hair for your hairline is a good option for us before using hair follicles from other body parts. 

In the case of body hair restoration treatment, you can use the thick hair follicles from different parts of your body. You can use your hair from arms, legs, chest, underarms, and pubic area too. But in most cases, you can use these hair follicles to cover your scalp and provide a thick density. 

The procedure is as same as the other hair transplant treatments. At our clinic, we prefer to prefer FUE method to perform the body hair transplant treatment.

What are the benefits of body hair transplant treatment?

Other than your beard hair, hair follicles from your other body parts possess specific differences. However, the treatment seems to be very useful due to the following reasons. 

  • The treatment is minimally invasive.
  • It provides a long-term solution for your hair loss issues.
  • If you require more coverage on your scalp, nothing can be better than the body hair transplant treatment.
  • As the hair follicles will be taken from your body parts, the scar will be covered under your clothes.

What are the disadvantages of body hair transplant treatment?

The main disadvantage of body hair transplant is the dissimilarities related to your body hair follicles’ characteristics from your scalp hair. 

  • The quality of your body hair will be different from your scalp hair. 
  • Your newly implanted body hair will never grow like your natural scalp hair. You can never expect the same type of length from your body hair.
  • Your body hair will be different from your scalp hair by texture and thickness. 
  • You cannot use the body hair in your hairline. If you require your body hair to make a good hairline, you must use them with your scalp hair. 

After all this discussion, we can say that a body hair transplant is a good option for hair restoration treatment. This is the reason that people are availing of this option. You may think that body hair transplant treatment can be very costly. But in reality, it is easily affordable. You can contact us to know the hair transplant cost in Mumbai

Till then, stay healthy. 

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