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Direct-BHT » Rejoice
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Rejoice™Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant)


When it comes to best hair transplant in mumbai, Direct Body Hair Transplant or Direct-BHT is one of our special techniques. In development of Direct-BHT, we worked on generic FUE and improved it. In this technique we use body hair in combination with scalp hair in transplant. This gives us full coverage in case of extreme baldness. We can also use this technique to give Pros and cons Post-op care Rejoice™ Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant) you more pleasing hairlines and eyebrows.

There could be many case scenarios when we want to take Direct-BHT approach for you:

  • You don’t have enough donor area on your scalp.
  • You already have gone through hair transplant yet you still have bald areas left.
  • You need hair transplant in other areas like eyebrows, beard, mustache, and sideburns.

Direct-BHT Process

The transplant process is the same as Direct-FUE. The only difference is donor area. In Direct-FUE all the donor area is on the scalp. In Direct-BHT donor area can be anywhere on the body.

So the process goes something like this – we extract grafts from donor areas and transplant on desired areas. There’s no time lag between extraction and transplant. You can have 2000–2500 graft transplants per session.

Pros and cons

Direct-BHT is a breakthrough technique. This could be a lifesaver for your transplant when you don’t have enough donor supply. In order to get the best hair transplant cost in mumbai for Direct BHT, you need to understand two things:

Body hair occurs as one single follicular unit. Unlike scalp hair, which occurs as a group of 2–4 hair. So extra steps go into the extraction and transplant for the same area. Which increases time and cost.

Body hair doesn’t grow to the same length as scalp hair. So you may need to adopt a short hairstyle. New research in this field indicates that body hair can also grow as fast as scalp hair.

Covid Free Centre

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We at Rejoice Hair Transplant take all the necessary precautions to keep our clinic Covidfree.

We follow these steps to stay protected from Covid 19:

  • Take a detailed history from the patients regarding any Covid symptoms and contact with any Covid patient.
  • To avoid overcrowding,prior appointment is given for consultation and procedure.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory, and temperature and oxygen saturation will be measured.
  • Even our healthcare personnel are checked daily.
  • The staff use PPE kit recommended by the Government.
  • The team meticulously follow all the protocols
  • Our clinic and operation theatre are regularly sanitized and disinfected.