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Direct Fue

Rejoice™ Direct-FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Follicular Unit Extraction is a new technique in hair transplant world. We use a refined method of FUE at Rejoice™ called Direct-FUE. In this technique we pick and transplant individual follicular units, one-by-one. There’s no time gap between the extraction and transplant. So we get an amazing 20–25% increase in growth rate.

Direct-FUE leaves no scars post-op. And there’s minimal discomfort in the process. Anyone who can have Bio-FUT, is also eligible to have Direct-FUE.

You like short hair? Or do more physical work? Go for Direct-FUE.

Direct-FUE process

We make a small incision around a follicular unit using specialized medical equipment. After separating it from tissue, we pick it up and place on the recipient site. This is the basic difference between Bio-FUT and Direct – FUE. In Bio-FUT we take a strip and then cut it into follicular units. Here we are picking up individual follicular units straight from hair tissues. And this is what extraction means here.

As you can imagine, picking several thousand grafts one-by-one can take 3–4 hours. So this technique requires more time than Bio-FUT.

Extracting follicular units from the donor area leaves tiny wounds behind. These tiny wounds sized about 1 mm heal within 8–10 days. These scars are so tiny that they are almost undetectable.

Words of caution: Never have Direct-FUE performed by an inexperienced surgeon. You may get your precious hair follicles damaged. If you have decided to go Direct-FUE way, choose an experienced team. At Rejoice™, our experienced surgeons perform Direct-FUE with intensive care.

Pros and cons

If you don’t like taking whole strip from the donor area, you can have Direct-FUE. Though keep in mind, Direct – FUE requires more donor area than Bio-FUT.

There are many advantages of Direct-FUE. First, there are no scars, and no medical stitching. Athletes and people who do more physical work can resume their work after 1 week. Also, there’s minimal discomfort in the donor area post-op.

Though you should know something about Direct-FUE:

  • It requires more time than Bio-FUT.
  • It is more expensive than Bio-FUT.

You already know the reason for both. Our surgeons extract and transplant every single hair follicle one-byone. So it requires more time, discipline, patience, and extra care. But when you consider its advantages, it’s worth every single rupee you pay

Post-op care

After we complete the treatment, we hand you an instructional manual. In that we’ve described everything about your post-op care. From shampooing your hair to a balanced diet, we suggest what we think is good for you.