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Female pattern hair loss in Mumbai- All you need to know
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Female Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss in Mumbai- All you need to know

Hair loss and baldness is a prevalent issue among Mumbai People. Not only the men, but women are also suffering from rapid hair loss and baldness. Many reasons are there behind the female pattern hair loss in Mumbai people starting from a hectic lifestyle, unhealthy food, pollution, or side effects of medications and may others.

We at Rejoice hair transplant clinic in Mumbai is one of India’s best hair transplant treatment providers. The success rate of our treatment is also very high.

Today we are going to talk about female pattern baldness, a severe issue in Mumbai people. Read the article to know everything about female pattern hair loss.

Let us start our discussion with an overview of female pattern hair loss:

Female pattern hair loss is a widespread situation that develops when women are at least in their fifty’s. The problem is hereditary. Generally, it starts showing its effects when women reach menopause.

Certain hormones and their malfunctions are responsible for these female pattern hair losses. But there can be numerous issues behind it.

is a severe condition, and it requires proper clinical treatment. There is no proven fact that home remedies help in female pattern baldness. Visit us at Rejoice hair transplant clinic and avail yourself of the best solution for your female pattern hair loss.

Now, how to identify female pattern baldness?

In female pattern hair loss, you will experience rapid hair fall in your scalp hair partition area. Eventually, this hair loss converts into the thinning of hair density from all over your scalp.

We classify the female pattern hair loss in the following ways-

Stage 1– In most cases, you do not even notice that you are suffering from female pattern hair loss. It starts with a minimal amount of hair loss in your partition area of the scalp.

Stage 2– You will see a visible widening in your partition area at this stage. Here the amount of hair loss will increase in phase 2 of female pattern hair loss.

Stage 3– At this stage, hair loss becomes a severe issue. You will experience hair loss from almost every portion of your scalp. The recovery at this stage is time-consuming and requires proper medical treatment also.

So, what are the leading causes of female pattern baldness?

The causes of female pattern hair loss are as follows-

  • Heredity: If you have any family history of female pattern baldness, you will develop the same.
  • Hormonal disbalance: When estrogen secretion stops during your menopause, it develops numerous side effects due to the same. The thinning of scalp hair, mainly you’re your partition area is a significant symbol.
  • Hairstyle: If you style your hair in a way where you need to pull your hair tightly, you will suffer from hair loss. The traction damages the root of your hair. It is known as traction alopecia.
  • Stress: Unhealthy lifestyle, emotional turbulence, lack of sleep may increase your stress level. As a result, you will experience massive hair loss.
  • Shock: It includes sudden weight loss, surgeries, illness, having a child, etc. All these things can lead to female pattern baldness.
  • Medication: Certain medications are harmful to your hair. Along with that chemotherapy, radiation therapy instigates your hair loss from your scalp.
  • Alopecia areata: It is an autoimmune skin disease that causes patchy hair loss on your scalp and other body parts.

After these, let us see the procedure of diagnosis-

We generally prefer to go through some evidence-based diagnosis process. It includes-

  • Hormonal test
  • Thyroid test
  • Scalp biopsy
  • Hair pulling

All of these methods are highly effective in identifying if you are suffering from female pattern baldness.

Now, when we know all about the female pattern baldness, let us see how we can prevent the same-

We recommend the following things to include in your daily life-

  • Include healthy food items like green vegetables, fruits, cereals, animal protein, and milk.
  • Drink plenty amount of water so that your body can stay hydrated.
  • Avoid all those damaging hairstyles and styling tools that use heat.
  • Cover your hair while going out to protect from sun heat, UV rays, and above all the pollution.
  • Take the medicines as your doctor has advised.
  • Reduce stress, do exercise regularly so that you can stay healthy feet and free from toxins.

Our hair transplant treatment is also very beneficial to treat your female pattern baldness, along with all these. You can opt for PRP therapy, Mesotherapy instead of a hair transplant. But consult with us before taking any of the steps for treating your female pattern baldness. Contact us for more details.

Till then, stay healthy.

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