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Fight the signs of your neck aging in Mumbai - Rejoice Hair Transplant
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neck aging

Fight the signs of your neck aging in Mumbai

  • Do your neck wrinkles make you aged?
  • Are you experiencing wrinkles and sagging skin in your neck?
  • Is your double chin and neckline making you feel embarrassed?
  • Are you tired of hiding the bands in your neck?

Well, all of these are the signs of ageing. You may start experiencing all these signs of ageing when you step into your forties. You might not see any of these symptoms initially because of the slow progression of the signs. However, it does not mean you will not experience the natural symptoms of ageing in the coming time.

Here, you are not the only one who is going to face these issues. Everybody experiences these; hence, the problem is also for everyone.

So, do not waste your colourful forties with laxity and neckbands all the time. A wide variety of treatments are available these days. Thanks to modern medical science.

The progression in modern medical treatment technologies has added wings to aesthetic therapies. Whatever you can think of, either hair transplantation, skin rejuvenation, or anti-ageing treatment, everything has become just a few steps away from us.

Like all others, people in Mumbai are also suffering from the same issue. Well, the best news is they have a safe solution in their city as well. Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Rejoice hair transplant clinic provides one of the best anti-aging treatments in Mumbai, India.

There are a lot of facilities which you can experience in our clinic. We provide a personalized treatment plan for every client of ours.

Here is the list of treatments to fight against the signs of your skin ageing in the neck region.

  • Botox: Botox is a microorganism-based prescription drug. It has a high potential to treat fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It works by paralyzing your muscles temporarily and reduces the wrinkles. It can work in a beneficial way to fix the signs of your neck ageing entirely.
  • Fillers: As your skin becomes older, your skin muscles start losing their elasticity. Hence, your skin looks dry and lifeless. Here filler injections can help you to solve the problem. Though fillers are mostly used in treating your facial wrinkles yet, they can benefit in your neck sagging as well. We use the filler injections strategically to provide a vibrant, youthful appearance to your neck.
  • Thermage: Thermage provides you with a deep level of anti-ageing skin treatment. It stimulates the damaged cells of your skin. Hence, new healthy cells take birth due to this. These new skin cells replace the old and damaged cells and give you the best youthful result.
  • Laser beam: Laser therapy can also work in a very active way. We perform our laser treatment with an ablative and non-ablative laser to obtain the best result. We will create a treatment plan to undergo the anti-ageing skin treatment for your neck region.
  • Skin micro-needling: If you want to remodel and tighten your skin around the neck, a skin micro-needling treatment helps a lot. You will require three to four sessions to get the best results. The treatment is designed to stimulate your cell growth and repair the damage.
  • Ulthera: Ulthera will help you to treat the sagging skin of your neck without facelift surgery. You will get a permanent result after the treatment. However, you have avail yearly management sessions as well.
  • Facelift: Facelift is a surgical process to tighten your skin. We provide the treatment for both your face and neck region. If you have a double chin issue, we can remove that extra skin from your skin as well. After completing the treatment, you will get smooth, wrinkle-free, and youthful skin.

The anti-ageing treatments we provide for you are easily affordable. So, do not worry if you are in your forties. We are here to help you to get a wrinkle-free beautiful neck.

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Covid Free Centre

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We at Rejoice Hair Transplant take all the necessary precautions to keep our clinic Covidfree.

We follow these steps to stay protected from Covid 19:

  • Take a detailed history from the patients regarding any Covid symptoms and contact with any Covid patient.
  • To avoid overcrowding,prior appointment is given for consultation and procedure.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory, and temperature and oxygen saturation will be measured.
  • Even our healthcare personnel are checked daily.
  • The staff use PPE kit recommended by the Government.
  • The team meticulously follow all the protocols
  • Our clinic and operation theatre are regularly sanitized and disinfected.