How to Fix Patchy Beard Growth? | Rejoice Hair Transplant
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Fix Patchy Beard Growth

How to Fix Patchy Beard Growth?

Many people in Mumbai are growing a beard, for fashion or any other reason. Are you planning on growing a beard too, but are afraid of its patchiness? 

We agree that the path to a bearded masterpiece is not going to be easy. There are several obstacles in the way. You may suffer from an itchy beard, dandruff, and you may have patches on your beard. 

Believe it or not, patchiness is more common than you think, especially among early beard growers.

However, you must not be ashamed of your patchy beard. Do not get stressed out if your hair grows unevenly. There are many ways you can improve patchy beard growth or hide it completely. 

We have mentioned some ways below through which you can encourage hair growth and fix your patchy beard.

1. Just grow it

A beard needs time to grow completely, and most men quit too early in the process. It is because of the itching sensation and other beard problems, but you have to give it time. If you have some patches, keep growing your beard, and overtime, you will find out that your patches are covered.

Men are their own worst critics. They focus on comparing their beards with other beards, which ultimately needs time to grow.

Tell yourself that you will grow your beard for three months without touching it. If it still does not appear satisfactory to you after the three months, then you can shave it off. But you must give it a chance first.

2. Emphasize it

If you reach the three-month stage and continue to have patches, why not keep it? Men who have patchy beards still fully own the look. You can consider shortening your beard, so some stubble masks the beard’s patchiness and gives you a handsome appearance. 

3. Care for it

Caring for your beard does not mean trimming. Your beard is hair on your face, and just like the hair on your head, it is good to look after it and make sure it is healthy. Grooming your beard can also assist with beard patchiness.

4. Diet

When trying to solve the patchy beard problem, one thing that usually gets overlooked is diet. Remember, junk food can affect your health, so a bad diet can also affect your beard growth. When you eat a healthy diet with the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, it will boost your beard growth. Diet can help your skin and hair all over the body.

5. Exercise

Exercise boosts testosterone levels and enhances blood flow. It also boosts metabolism and helps in body recovery. Doing exercise will make you feel fit, which is not a bad thing. Look at some bearded icons out there; many post pictures of their beard on social media while working out.

6. Rest

A lot of studies show that not getting sound sleep affects the body in a lot of ways. Not only do you feel tired the entire day with less sleep, but you also produce less testosterone, which is necessary for beard growth. 

7. Stress-free

Keeping away from stress is not easy. Our lives are full of stress from work, home routine, and everything else. However, stress affects beard growth and your overall health in many ways. You might know of someone having hair fall and losing hair colour due to stress, which can happen to you as well.

8. Avoid certain hair growth products

Many products claim to promote hair growth. It is best if you steer clear of these when it comes to a patchy beard. Chemicals present in hair products are too harsh when they contact the skin, particularly a compound known as Monoxide. 

Using these products on your beard is exposing your skin to damage. This causes dryness and irritations that cause your hair to fall off, worsening the patches.

If your situation is getting worse, you can opt for a beard hair transplant, just like a regular hair transplant in Mumbai. Consider consulting a doctor about your condition before opting for any treatment. The doctor will assess your beard and help you find the right treatment. Do not worry; your beard will become full if you remain positive and take good care of it.

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