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Platelet Rich Plasma

Rejoice™ PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Globally, hair loss or hair fall due to various reasons affects both the genders. We come across several people suffering from hair loss or hair fall issues, especially in urban areas. The reasons for hair loss can be hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, work stress, pollution, health issues, or heredity. To arrest the hair fall, people need to consult the board-certified doctor.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is taking over the medical field due to its positive outcome and higher success rate. The usage of PRP in various disorders of body and hair loss has proved to be rewarding. These PRP injections can boost hair growth on the scalp. Besides, this treatment of natural medicine works best as it contains your stem cells.

Rejoice Hair Clinic

Rejoice Hair Clinic has come up with PRP treatment in Mumbai to cater to the people of Mumbai who wish to treat their hair fall issues or hair loss problems.

Many people in Mumbai are likely to suffer from hair loss or hair fall issues due to pollution and extreme lifestyle. Hence, opting PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is the best choice to control the hair fall and help the regrowth of hair.

You should know about the process of PRP hair treatment before choosing it.

Let’s know,

What is the procedure of PRP treatment at Rejoice Hair Clinic, Mumbai?

  • First, we draw the blood approx. 20ml to 50ml. from the patient’s arm
  • The blood sample is rotated with the help of a special centrifuge. In the separator tube, we can separate the red cells and pro-inflammatory white cells.
  • Next, we extract the centrifuged blood platelets in a plasma base.
  • The resulting plasma concentrate contains various growth factors.
  • Further, we discard the unwanted proinflammatory stuff from the concentrate.
  • Now, we have the beautiful golden layer of platelet rich plasma concentrated platelets down there.
  • The affected area i.e. bald area or the part of scalp having thin hair is cleaned with alcohol or iodine.
  • The gel is applied when an ultrasound is performed. Further, an ultra-probe is applied to the gel-covered area and live images are projected for the doctor’s reference.
  • Our dermatologist will insert the Platelet Rich Plasma into the thinning or bald area of the scalp with injection.

Why choose Rejoice Hair Clinic for PRP hair loss treatment?

  • PRP treatment is a non-surgical and painless process
  • Safe, clinically proven, and US-FDA approved procedure
  • Requires around 60 minutes for one session
  • Short recovery period after PRP hair treatment
  • You can see natural hair regrowth
  • Affordable cost
  • You may require only 4-8 sessions

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is an intriguing outcome of the ongoing research in the world of medicine in the last five or six years. It is through your platelet-rich plasma that your skin cells are harnessed for growth and enhancement. So, you can get the best and expected results.

Platelet-rich plasma is the regenerative medicine from the body itself. This means your blood plasma gets fortified with platelets that contribute to your growth factors.

To explain platelets further, recollect those abrasions on your knees that you must have got while playing as a child. But in some days, the skin would heal completely; the knees would look as good as they were before. If yes, then it would be due to the healing mechanism of platelet-rich plasma.

PRP and Hair Treatment

When we inject PRP into the scalp, it signals your hair follicles to stimulate new growth. Your body activates the healing process through your stem cells for growing new hair.

We have seen dramatic turnaround results in hair loss for men and women across all age groups and also those suffering from inflammatory hair loss.

Furthermore, it is an easy and comfortable procedure. We will draw blood from your body when you visit us for a PRP session and within 10 – 15 minute we will inject your body’s platelet-rich plasma into your scalp.

How many sessions of PRP hair treatment are required to control hair fall?

Initially, we start with a package of four sessions. You will be able to witness dramatic results in your hair and scalp before the completion of the initial four sessions. You may be required to go for more sessions for better results depending upon the stage of hair loss.

How regularly we need to attend the PRP sessions?

We do three-part sessions in the first month, followed by a gap of three months after the third session for the fourth session.

Benefits of PRP hair treatment

  • There is no medicine that you have to take home to maintain these results. The PRP treatment uses your stem cells to help and grow your hair back again. It is safe to go for a PRP treatment as it is clinically tried and tested.
  • This treatment has been successful when done on a large number of people with positive results. For records, you can view their images before and after PRP treatment.
  • The patients show a great deal of satisfaction when they come for their third or fourth session to see their hair growing in the PRP-treated areas.
  • Further, the hair mane appears thicker. The hair mane looks healthy and well-nourished. Also, patients are happy to see the extent of baldness reducing after they have opted for PRP treatment.
  • Besides, numerous studies validate platelet-rich plasma for Androgenic alopecia in both men and women.
  • A board-certified dermatologist trained for hair treatment including PRP should do it for you.

Seek an appointment right now for your hair consultation. You can get yourself treated the very same day if you are keen to go ahead with the treatment.

At Rejoice Clinic, a board-certified cosmetologist also trained in hair treatments will check the condition of your hair and assess it as well. Also, the doctor will suggest the most suitable hair treatment for you that could include PRP as well.

Do visit Rejoice Hair Clinic and get your hair assessment done and if the PRP treatment is right for you!