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Client Testimonials | Rejoice Hair Transplant
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Jatin is 30 yeras old person, approached Rejoice for his hair condition. We recommended him 2500 grafts for his frontal area covering. We planned his surgery on 15th and 16th october 2014. Trichoscan result – average hair thickness-70 micron meter density-141 grafts per square cm 264 hairs or follicles per square cm 1.87 hairs or follicles per graft almost 70% grafts – having 2 hairs 15% grafts – having 3 hairs 15 % singel hair grafts when we extracted 5 test grafts we found them very long almost 7 mm long, which was very good. We assured him for good result. Just 5 and half months passes and he has very good result. His result will improve by 15% in next 3 months.

– Jatin Ahuja

Hi I am sufiyan. I was loosing a lots of hairs and because I am in aviation industry I need good look. Hair loss was a big issue for me. I was fearful that I may not get good placement after my training. I was attached with one of biggest airlines in india. I visited 4 to 5 clinics in mumbai. I liked Rejoice because of clarity in their thought for process and understanding of hair transplant. I decided to go with them and now I am happy for my condition. I am confident of my dreams.

– Sufiyan

Hello‚ I am Santosh from Karnataka. I enquired through Rejoice Website. After online conversation I visited their Bangalore clinic. It was a pleasant experience for me. I got 3000 grafts in first sitting and considering another 3500. Results are very good. I just got married.

– Santosh
Mr Sajid

Hi I am Sajid I want to tell you one amazing incident- I am a contracter and I use to visit some remote places for land deals. Once when I went for such deals after some time gap. The guy asked me that previously your father use to come, this time he sent you. Me and my brother were really surprised after this compliment. We thanks Rejoice for this change in my life.

– Sajid

Hey‚ this is Naman from Rajasthan. I was looking for a hair transplant. I went to many places and clinics but their ethics didn′t convince me. When I talked to Team Rejoice they tried to understand me‚ not sell to me. And after talking to them‚ I felt good and went to consultation at their Mumbai clinic. They educated me about what I was facing and about the possible solutions. With confidence I went for procedure. I am happier than ever after getting my hair back.

– Naman

Hi‚ I am Narayan and I just moved to Mumbai. I faced baldness when I was still an adult. At that time hair transplant was very expensive and the techniques were still in their infancy. After 10 years of social embarrassment I got fed up and contacted Rejoice. They provided me a transplant of 2700 grafts. It was a complete makeover of my personality. I recommend Rejoice to everyone going through daily embarrassment because of baldness. They are good guys.

– Narayan

My name is Khurshid. I am from Mumbai. When I came to Rejoice after endorsement from a friend‚ I liked the team very much. They were professionals and compassionate human beings. I went ahead with 2300 grafts by FUE method. Results looked amazing. I suggest everyone seeking hair transplant to come to Rejoice.



Hello people‚ my name is Kaif. At an age of 25‚ I was quickly losing my hair. I hated being bald‚ I despised it. So I went to Rejoice‚ where Dr. Satyajeet examined my problem. After examining they concluded that the Platelet rich plasma therapy was the best way for me to go. I was not convinced as I′ve already made my mind for transplant. But after assurance‚ I went for the procedure. Within next two months‚ my hair fall reduced considerably. After completing Platelet rich plasma therapy I went for ns-FUE. I am happy now.

– Kaif

Hi I am Susant. I was in deep trouble, as I was only 26 and had baldness of grade 6 plus. I was looking for a competent clinic for my baldness. While searching on Internet I read about Rejoice. Their techniques attracted me a lot. I visited them, they meticulously plan my surgery, 2500 grafts from head donor area, 1500 from beard shadow area and 2200 grafts from chest as per Rejoice doctors they choose only those areas where the thickness of my hair was more than 80 micron meter.they made a good hair line with 2500 grafts and 200 test direct-bht grafts.we waited for 8 months for result. The result of fue and test direct-bht was great. Now I am planning 3500 direct-bht grafts soon. Thanks to Dr Satyajeet, Dr Ganesh, and the team .

– Susant

Vikas – I heard about Dr Shankar Sawant. I went to meet him. He is very simple person. He suggested me two sessions to give me good result but I was in hurry so he suggested me Rejoice fusion technique of hair transplant. 4756 grafts in two days. After 9 months every thing is changed. My head is full of hairs. Thanks to the team .

– Vikas

Hi‚ my name is Dharmendra and I am from Mumbai. I visited a lot of clinics and got stuck in myriad of options. Everyone was trying to sell their services‚ they didn′t care about me. When I visited Rejoice‚ it was a different experience. The team was very good. They tried to understand me‚ gave me only the best options and assured me about the results. After I few days I got Direct-FUE and I feel no shame anymore because of baldness.

– Dharmender

Hello my name is Jitendra and I am just here to say thanks to team Rejoice. These guys are amazing‚ doctors are expert and clinics are well-equipped.

– Jitender

Hi I am Ashish Bhattacharya. When I contacted rejoice I was little sceptical about hair transplant. I was not knowing whether I will get result or not. They suggested me 3000 grafts but out of fear I asked them to go for only 2000 grafts. This is my condition 8 months after transplant. Now all my fear is vanished. I am very happy and going for 1000 grafts next month. Thank you very much for giving me confidence.

– Ashish Bhattacharya

Covid Free Centre

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We at Rejoice Hair Transplant take all the necessary precautions to keep our clinic Covidfree.

We follow these steps to stay protected from Covid 19:

  • Take a detailed history from the patients regarding any Covid symptoms and contact with any Covid patient.
  • To avoid overcrowding,prior appointment is given for consultation and procedure.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory, and temperature and oxygen saturation will be measured.
  • Even our healthcare personnel are checked daily.
  • The staff use PPE kit recommended by the Government.
  • The team meticulously follow all the protocols
  • Our clinic and operation theatre are regularly sanitized and disinfected.