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When is the Best Time for a Hair Transplant Surgery?
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hair transplant in winter

When is the Best Time for a Hair Transplant Surgery?

You might continuously wonder when is the best time to get that hair transplant you have been planning for so long. It might surprise you to know that there are specific times in a year suitable for a hair transplant

By choosing a correct date for your hair transplant, you can see better results and have an easy recovery time. If you are interested in why, when, and if it matters, here is everything, you need to know.

Why do some People think Spring/Summer is better?

When it comes to the right time to visit a hair transplant clinic, the general opinion is that it is the warmer months. Many people visit clinics far from their homes to get the best hair transplant service, which is much more comfortable in the sun.

Summer is also a time when most people opt to take time off from work and break the routine. If you require taking time off of work to let your scalp heal, it is natural to think of the summer months. Also, if you have got kids, it is nice not to have to do the school run while you are recovering.

There are plenty of reasons why summer seems like the ideal time for a hair transplant, but what do the experts say?

Is Summer the Best Month for a Hair Transplant?

There is nothing wrong with getting a hair transplant in summer, but it is not the best time. It will not turn your transplant into a failure; however, there are some things to think about when it comes to recovery.

During summer, we sweat a lot, which can make the healing process difficult. To stop the bacteria in your sweat from becoming a problem, you might have to clean the area more frequently or avoid activities that could make you sweat.

You also have to be careful with sun exposure as you do not want your healing scalp to be exposed to harmful sun rays. It is not wrong to have a hair transplant in the summer; however, keep in mind a few days inside in a cooler climate.

The Best Time to Get a Hair Transplant is Winter

In winter, due to the colder weather, you will not sweat so much. Keeping your scalp clean and sweat-free will be a whole lot easier.

Our lifestyles also change in winter. Instead of being outdoors, playing sports and sunbathing, you are more likely to stay indoors. This means that your daily life will be less affected, making the recovery process a whole lot easier.

You will not be craving for a swim or searching for shade at the beach so that healing will be less troublesome.

Also, wearing hats in the winter month is a normal thing to do for most people. So, this makes a perfect camouflage by default for your hair transplant.

Another reason for choosing winter is that by the time your grafts are all grown out, you will be prepared for summer outdoor activities with a new head of hair.

So, when summer arrives, you will see new hair growth too so that you can head out with new confidence.

It is all up to you

Several reasons affect when you decide to get your hair transplant surgery. The final decision is entirely up to you and, as long as you stay consistent with the aftercare. The time you choose must not affect your healing process too much.

You may have to be a bit more careful in the summer. However, if that is the time that suits you, then go for it.

The most vital thing you can do is to choose the best hair transplant surgeon. Finding someone who is experienced, qualified and trusted is the best way to ensure your transplant is a success.

They will take your daily routine and requirements into consideration. Also, let you know the best time and way to move forward with your surgery.

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