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The beard is a very important aesthetic element for a man. Across the world, varied cultures and communities value the male beard more than the hair on their head.


The fact remains the beard is very important for a man’s image and look. A thick beard has become an essential part of a man’s face to look young and bold.


Some people and some cultures actually value their beards more than their hair on their heads.

Nevertheless, the beard is very important for a man’s image and look. A thick beard has become an essential part of a man’s face to look young and bold.


How can beard hair transplant help?


Many men are unable to grow a thick beard because they do not have a lot of facial hair due to genetic reasons. Some men also have patchy beard growth.


Some lotions and therapies can stimulate existing hair to grow on the beard area. But many times, even they don’t work because your facial hair grafts do not have the potential to grow hair. In such scenarios, a beard hair transplant is the only reliable way to get more hair on the beard area.


Our doctors transplant the hair from the scalp or the jawline to the beard area. This transplant works very well. The beard looks natural because individual groupings of hair or the follicular units are transplanted into the beard area. By implanting the right density of hair follicles or grafts, you can thicken up your beard and make it look dense and bushy.


Therefore, the beard hair transplant in Mumbai is the most common type of facial hair transplant.

In our Rejoice Clinic, we have trained and experienced surgeons who are proficient in performing a beard transplant. Our hair transplant surgeon Dr. Shankar Sawant has more than 25 years of experience in providing quality beard hair restoration in Mumbai.


The procedure of a beard transplant


beard hair transplant procedure


Beard Transplant is a simple and small surgical procedure.

  1. Your head and facial beard are shaved.
  2. Local anesthesia is given on the scalp as well as on the face.
  3. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is used for a beard transplant at our clinic. In which, we punch out the hair grafts from the sides or the back of your head and one at a time implant it into the beard area.


Once the hair grows, with regular shaving the hair gets rough and looks like a natural beard.

The main advantage of using a scalp hair graft is the number of hair strands. A scalp hair graft has up to 4 strands and when transplanted you can get more hair on the beard area. On the other hand, a single beard hair graft offers just 1 or 2 strands which means less growth of hair.

Beard transplants are quite an effective method in actually restoring and enhancing a man’s beard.


Why should you go for a beard transplant?


What you are seeing a lot of nowadays, fashion trends constantly changing, right now we are going through a sort of renaissance where beards are the big thing and a lot of people want to have big thick beards.


Further, the beard is a very important aesthetic unit for the male face and there are some people and some cultures that may actually value their beards more than their hair. In any case, the beard is very important for the men’s image and look.


Many people cannot physically grow a thick beard, they don’t have a lot of facial hair. There are medical therapies that you can use to try and stimulate existing hair to grow on the face, a topical version of 

Minoxidil or an oral version of Minoxidil can sometimes help thicken up beard, facial hair.


But the reality is if you have not got hair in a particular area for whatever reason, if you are just genetically built in a certain way that certain areas are sparse or you do not have a lot of facial hair, then all the Minoxidil in the world or any other therapy, is not going to necessarily give you more facial hair and a thicker beard.


So, in those scenarios, the only way to get more hair into an area is through transplant and what the doctors can do is transplant hair from the scalp to the beard and it works very, very well. It looks natural because you are transplanting the individual groupings of hairs or the follicular units into the area and if you design the shape of the beard and you get the density right, you can thicken up an area and make it look dense and bushy.


That can be done very simply through a small procedure, it is done under local anesthetic and sedation. You can do either technique, you can do a strip technique in which you cut a strip of hair out from the back and then sew it up, and that leaves you with a linear scar at the back or if you are not keen on that, then you can do what is known as direct- FUE. You shave the back of the head and you punch out the grafts one at a time and then transplant into the area.


One of the advantages is that beard hairs are mostly singles and sometimes doubles. So, what happens is when you extract donor hair from the scalp which has mostly triples and quadruples, you can recruit more beard hair from a limited number of scalp hair.


Let’s say 1000 scalp grafts or scalp follicular units can give 1500 or even more beard grafts. Beard transplants are quite an effective method in actually restoring a man’s beard that may not be as good as they wanted.


What are the other areas for beard transplant?


You can also transplant beard hair from below the jawline, also referred to as the jaw shadow area. There should be sufficient hair present below the jawline to have a much-defined beard hairline.

This is a preferred donor area as the hair present below the jawline areas always resembles the beard hair on the face. It has the same characteristics and texture. The procedure is the same as the FUE method and the jawline area is used as a donor area instead of the scalp.


What is the cost of beard hair transplants?


The cost varies from person to person depending on density and the total number of grafts required.

For 300 to 900 grafts, the cost will range between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 25,000.


Do beard transplants work?


Do you get this question very often? Yes, many patients ask us whether beard transplants work! Well, it is a common doubt anyone can have.


We use the same principles and techniques for beard hair transplantation as are used to perform a hair transplant on a bald area.


The hair that is transplanted is your own natural hair. It grows like your beard and can be trimmed or styled like your beard.


The hair that is transplanted in a beard or mustache transplantation is permanent and lasts forever. About 93% to 97% of the transplanted hair survives and lasts forever.


To know more about beard hair transplants get in touch with our team at Rejoice. We will guide you through the procedure's details.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are a suitable candidate for a beard transplant if you lack proper hair growth on the face in areas of beards or mustache caused due to genetic disorders, previous laser hair removal, surgery, burns or injury, etc.

  • It is a safe procedure that gives permanent and long-lasting results.
  • It leaves no scar on the beard or face.
  • It is an outpatient procedure and does not require a patient to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure and hardly has any side effects.
  • Even if you shave, the hair will still grow back.

The hair growth will start around 3 months after the surgery. It will continue to grow for your lifetime. So, you need to trim the hair as per the length that you want.

It takes approximately 2 to 6 hours depending on the number of grafts implanted, and the donor area from where the grafts are extracted.

It depends on:

  • How much beard hair is there in the first place
  • How much density you are trying to achieve
  • The area that needs to be covered


Generally, 300 grafts are required for each side. Accordingly, on average 900 grafts might be used.

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