Best FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Dr. Shankar Sawant is the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai to perform an FUE hair transplant. With more than 20 years of experience, he has performed over 2000 FUE hair transplants across the world. Also, he is the founder of the Rejoice Hair Transplant. Our patients span across Mumbai and neighboring cities and prefer getting their FUE hair transplants done from us.


What is an FUE hair transplant?


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a surgical hair transplant procedure. It involves the removal of hair grafts from your donor area, usually the back of your head. The back of your head has the maximum number of fertile hair grafts. Hence, individual hair grafts are carefully extracted from the donor area and implanted into the bald area. Per hair, graft contains 2 to 4 hair strands.


Dr. Shankar Sawant, with his proven experience in performing more than 2000 hair transplant surgeries, has introduced an advanced version of the FUE technique called ‘Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Modified FUE technique’. The doctor has also pioneered direct-FUE. Dr. Shankar's modified FUE technique is worldwide followed and is also called AFUE or BioFUE. It is a very effective treatment to get back your natural-looking voluminous hair in less time. It ensures the survival of hair grafts for a longer time compared to other hair transplant techniques. Hence, it is the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai.

At our clinic, we are 100% focused on providing Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Modified FUE Technique. All the extremely skilled doctors at our Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic are proficient in implementing this highly recommended technique. Hence, Rejoice Hair transplant clinic is the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.


Dr. Shankar Sawant’s modified FUE technique


Step one: preparation

First, we shave and wash the head. To numb the scalp, we inject anesthesia so that you won’t feel any pain during the surgery.


Step two: punching holes

We punch incision around the graft in the donor area. After punching we do not remove the grafts immediately. We keep the grafts on the scalp for some time so that the blood supply stays intact in the graft.


Step three: preparing hairline

In the meantime, we design and mark the front area where the grafts will get implanted. We also create a hairline. We then move on to creating holes for these grafts for implantation.


Step four: removal of hair grafts

We start removing the punched hair grafts from the donor area and wash them immediately to clean the clotted blood which remains around the grafts. This step ensures the development of a new blood supply to the hair in the implanted area.


Step five: nourishing hair grafts

After cleaning the grafts, we keep them in the platelet-rich plasma solution for some time. This facilitates the growth and nourishment of the grafts so that the hair growth is faster.


Step six: implantation of hair grafts

These nourished grafts are then implanted permanently as per the design on the bald area to get natural hair transplant results. We aim to implant 40 to 50 hair grafts per square centimeter for larger density.


Recovery time of the surgery


  • Day 1 – After the surgery, you can go home on the day.
  • Day 2 – You need to visit the clinic for the dressing of the extracted and implanted area.
  • Day 3 – You need to stay at home and take a rest.
  • Day 4 – You can get back to work
  • Day 8 – You need to visit the clinic for the final cleaning of the implanted region so that no scars are visible.


Yes, because of our advanced technique, after 8 days, no one can tell that you have done a hair transplant treatment. 


What is the cost of an FUE hair transplant?


Dr. Shankar Sawant’s modified FUE hair transplant cost at Rejoice Hair Transplant clinic depends on the various factors. These factors include the level of baldness, the number of grafts required for implantation, additional therapies, etc.


The cost per hair graft at our clinic is Rs. 20 per graft for FUE. The following is the approximate cost range for different stages of baldness.


Level of Baldness Number of grafts Approximate Cost
baldness level 1
1500 – 2000 Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000
baldness level 2
2000 – 3000 Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000
baldness level 3
3000 – 4000 Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000
baldness level 4
4000 – 5000 Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
baldness level 5
5000 – 6000 Special Package
baldness level 6 and 7
6000 – 7000 Special Package


Disclaimer: These costs are subject to change based on many factors. Hence, we suggest you consult our doctor to understand how much will it cost for you based on analyzing your baldness.


Benefits of FUE hair transplant


We recommend this technique to most of our patients because of the many benefits that it provides:


  • Safety

Since we take a lot of care during the extraction and implantation of the grafts, there is no damage to the patient. We do not use any chemicals or external medicines in the affected area. Thus, the safety factor is much higher.


  • Enhanced appearance

As we take the transplanted hair from the patient’s scalp there is no variation in color or texture of hair. There is no scar left on the extracted and implanted area. The hair appears natural and gives a confident, attractive look after the transplantation.


  • Faster and permanent results

As we nourish the grafts before implanting, the patients start getting results at the end of 3rd month itself. Our patients are happy and satisfied as they can see the desired result within 6 to 7 months, of the surgery. Hence, it is a more reliable, permanent, and natural-looking solution to hair issues.


Side-effects of the FUE hair transplant


Patients usually worry about the side effects of the FUE hair transplant treatment on the brain. They fear something negative might happen to their brain or memory. Well, there is nothing to worry about. We use local anesthesia only about 3mm to 4mm on the head and not beyond that. Hence, there will not be any damage to the brain.


As it is surgery, there will be minor pain on the day of surgery but we give medication to reduce the pain.


Some patients may experience swelling on the forehead. As the grafts require some nourishment to develop blood supply, it swells. It rarely happens to our patients and the swelling disappears on its own, and if not, we prescribe medication that will recover within 2 days. All you need to do is follow all the precautions after a hair transplant.


Why choose Rejoice for FUE hair transplant?


  • At Rejoice, we have the best in class instruments to perform the FUE technique.
  • We ensure the safety and hygiene of our operation theatres throughout the treatment.
  • Our head surgeon Dr. Shankar Sawant himself performs the FUE procedure assisted by skilled technicians.
  • We offer hair transplants on EMI for those who cannot make a one-time payment.
  • We ensure premium quality service and outstanding results so that you are happy with the transplant.
  • The success rate of our FUE procedure is up to 95% to 98%.
  • We ensure there is no scar or damage on your head so that you get younger-looking hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, through our hair transplant technique, no one can tell that you have done a hair transplant. The result will make you look younger and your hair will look natural.

Yes, you can keep your hair short since there will not be any scar visible on your head after the transplant.

Post-surgery, we will prescribe medications to minimize pain, discomfort, or swelling. You can return to work after 2 to 3 days of surgery. We advise limiting excessive physical activity for five to seven days. Within one month the hair will fall completely. This is called a post-surgical shock. But the roots remain inside the skin due to which the hair starts growing permanently after 3 months.

We use local anesthesia to make the scalp numb. Hence, patients do not feel pain or discomfort throughout the procedure.

It is not a complex procedure. It is a relatively simple outpatient procedure. No admission required and the patients can go home after the session.

The time required for the surgery depends upon the area of baldness coverage. It also depends on the number of grafts required for implantation. For up to 1000 grafts, it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. For up to 2000 grafts, it takes approximately 5 to 6 hours. For implanting more than 4000 hair grafts, we can do 2 sessions. Our team ensures that maximum grafts are properly implanted in one session.

The answer is ‘no’. Since we ensure the survival and nourishment of the hair grafts during the FUE procedure, the transplanted hair stays lifelong. But as per our experience, the hair starts becoming thin and might fall after 15 to 20 years of transplant.

  • The patient must be in a good state of health except for Androgenic alopecia.
  • The hair loss should be in a specific area and not diffused all over the scalp.
  • Men with male pattern baldness.
  • Women with thinning hair.
  • People with hair loss due to scalp injury or burn.

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