Laser Tattoo Removal in Mumbai

Do you want to remove your undesired tattoo permanently?

Need to replace the old tattoo with a new one?


At Rejoice Clinic, we have a permanent solution to resolve the above problems: Laser Tattoo Removal.

Visit Rejoice Clinic for unique, high-quality, and permanent Tattoo Removal in Mumbai. 


Dr. Shankar Sawant, the Founder of Rejoice Clinic, is one of the top-rated dermatologists in Mumbai with 20+ years of experience. He is an expert in almost all medical and  surgical cosmetic treatments and provides the best tattoo removal in Mumbai.


Dr. Sawant believes in performing customized treatments based on specific needs, skin types, and medical conditions. His management and leadership qualities have made Rejoice Clinic one of the best dermatology clinics in Mumbai.


Why choose us?

  • You will receive treatment from our highly qualified and experienced dermatologist, Dr. Shankar Sawant, who has handled different lasers over time.
  • Moreover, he is hugely admired all over the world for his expertise as a dermatologist.
  • Dr. Sawant has treated more than 10,000 patients to date.
  • We have a higher success rate with due experience to respond to any situation.
  • Our clinic is well-equipped with US-FDA certified technology and the most advanced Lasers.
  • Moreover, we offer easy payment options as we prefer charging per session. Your convenience is our priority.
  • Our clients recognize us as the best tattoo removal clinic in Mumbai because of the above specialties.
  • We use lasers for many treatments such as laser hair removal, anti-aging treatments, etc.


What is the Tattoo Removal?

A tattoo is a body modification that is temporary or permanent. It involves making a design on the body part by injecting ink, pigments, or dyes into the skin’s dermis.

Now, tattoos are not considered permanent and unchangeable designs or marks on the skin. We can safely remove them by laser treatment.

How much is the tattoo removal cost in Mumbai?

The laser tattoo removal cost in Mumbai differs with the size and color intensity of the tattoo. More intense tattoos would cost more as they need extra laser time. If there is much detailing or many colors used in the tattoo, the laser time will be more, and so would be the price. You should consult a specialist to examine the tattoo, understand the procedure and cost of treatment.



Indications for Tattoo Removal

  • Social, cultural, and physical changes in life may lead to the decision to remove a tattoo.
  • Allergy or infection.
  • Regrets of the decision of making a tattoo.
  • Seeking a new job or profession, particularly in the hospitality or aviation industry.
  • Replacing an old tattoo with the new one.

What is the Procedure of Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • The laser beam penetrates the skin to split up the ink particles.
  • The body’s immune system eliminates these particles over some time and causes the fading of the tattoo.
  • The laser only targets the tattooed skin leaving the un-inked surrounding skin safe.


What are the Side-effects of Tattoo Removal?

  • After the procedure, there is redness, inflammation, and pinpoint bleeding points.
  • Slowly, these side-effects will clear in three to five days.

Points You Should Remember Before Tattoo removal.

  • Your doctor can remove the uniform level tattoos.
  • Modern inks and pigment shades can be tough to remove. Red and yellow are extra challenging.
  • Fading of the tattoo will happen with each session. You may need about 4-6 sessions.


If you consider Tattoo removal, do visit us at Rejoice Clinic. To seek the best treatment, you can book an appointment with our medical head Dr. Shankar Sawant.


Frequently asked questions

Q) Which tattoos are removable?

Usually, we can remove almost all types of tattoos. The typical greenish-blue color tattoos show a good response. Jet black tattoos may take time to clear, as may red and yellow. Similarly, deep tattoos may need more sessions but will fade with our advanced Laser equipment.


Q) Is tattoo removal painful?

No. You will feel a slight, pricking sensation. We apply a numbing lotion about two hours before the procedure to maximize the patients’ comfort. We will guide you thoroughly on all the steps of the process.


Q) How many sessions will one need?

Approximately four to six, but sometimes you may require eight sessions. It will depend on the tattoo’s color and intensity and body’s response to the lasers.


Q) What is the duration of a single tattoo removal session?

It depends on the tattoo’s size, but typically, it takes from 15 minutes to 45 mins if the tattoo is larger.

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