Best Long Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice Hair Transplant is the best clinic for long hair transplants in Mumbai. We provide hair transplants treatments that are highly successful. Our hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very affordable and that's why most of our patients trust us.


Long hair transplant is one of the most successful and common procedures among all of our treatments. It provides you with aesthetically realistic hair in the style you want while keeping your hair of the same length. Our highly skilled hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Shankar Sawant, is an expert in long hair transplant procedures.


With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Shankar Sawant is well-known for his hair transplant treatments. He has done over 2000 hair transplants all over the world. He specializes in providing his patients with individualized care, giving them the best results for hair transplants.


Rejoice Hair Transplant has the latest up-to-date technology to fix our patient's dilemma permanently. Our care complies with medical science's international guidelines. As a result, we provide the most successful long hair transplant in Mumbai at a reasonable price.


Let us now discuss in detail about long hair transplants.


What is a long hair transplant?


A long hair transplant is a technique where you can go for a hair transplant without worrying about shaving your head. This transplant happens with the regular length of your hair. It is good for patients who want a good volume of hair in a short amount of time. 


This technique is best for female hair transplant. Long hair transplants provide quick results, while most hair transplantation procedures take 6 to 9 months for the same. No-shave hair transplant is another name for a long hair transplant. 


We have an accomplished surgeon, Dr. Shankar Sawant, for long hair transplantation in Mumbai. Dr. Sawant has performed several long hair transplants with quality results that leave his patients satisfied.


What is the procedure for transplanting long hair?


Long hair transplantation is a hair transplant process that produces excellent results almost immediately. Long hairs from the donor region are gathered and transplanted to the recipient's scalp in this process.


Since long hair transplantation is a complicated and time-consuming operation that requires an expert hair transplant surgeon, not all clinics provide it. 


Rejoice Hair Transplant in Mumbai offers long hair transplantation by an accomplished hair transplant surgeon. You must ensure that you are consulting and receiving a long hair transplant from the appropriate specialist.


Why should you go for a long hair transplant?


The way long hair transplant works is somewhat close to how most hair transplant surgeries work. Like other hair transplant procedures, long hair transplants have identical medical devices, pre-and post-hair transplantation protocols. 


The only difference in a long hair transplant is that the donor area is not shaved during, and the length of the donor's hair is retained during the process.


Since the hair is not shaved, the patient does not have to wait months to see a difference; the signs are visible right away. On the other hand, other hair transplant procedures like FUE hair transplant take 6 to 12 months to settle and for the hair to grow well.


What are the benefits of a long hair transplant?


A long hair transplant is preferred for those who want fast outcomes from a hair transplant. For a long hair transplant, they will see immediate effects and leave the clinic smiling.


Because of the long hair on the transplanted area, it's difficult to see the red marks left behind by the surgery, making it difficult to tell whether they've had a hair transplant. It is best for people suffering from hair loss and who want a quick solution. A long hair transplant will give you a full head of hair in just one day.


What are the limitations of a long hair transplant?


The only downside to a long hair transplant is that the transplanted hair falls out after three months. However, they continue to grow naturally after that. In some instances, the transplanted hair does not fall out and continues to grow.


These are only a few of the reasons why this ground-breaking idea is gaining popularity. Our track record at Rejoice Hair Transplant demonstrates our ability to execute long hair transplant procedures successfully.


How long would it take to finish the procedure?

The length of the surgery is determined by the number of follicles to be transplanted and the donor area's supply. A maximum of 2000 grafts will be transplanted every day, with complete head covering taking up to three days.


How much does a long hair transplant cost in Mumbai?


The cost of hair transplantation is determined by the number of hair follicles to be transplanted and the donor area's supply. Long hair transplantation is more expensive than regular FUE and bio- FUT hair transplants. It is because the procedure is a bit complex and requires expertise and precision.


Why choose Rejoice for your long hair transplant?

  • Dr. Shankar Sawant, our seasoned and professional hair transplant surgeon, will perform a long hair transplant for you.
  • Dr. Sawant is known around the world for his dermatology and hair transplant skills. To date, he has seen over 10,000 people.
  • Rejoice Hair Transplant has a better success rate and has the necessary experience to handle any situation.
  • Our clinic is equipped with US FDA-approved medical devices and the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • We have specialized treatments at a fair rate; for example, our long hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very reasonable than other clinics.
  • We also have simple payment options. Our clinic also has an EMI option for hair transplant for patients who cannot pay a lumpsum amount.


You can visit or book an appointment at Rejoice Hair Transplant if you're looking for the best long hair transplant in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid exposure to dirt in the air for 2 weeks following surgery. Do not touch the donor area or the transplanted grafts except with clean hands. It will reduce the chance of an infection. If you have excessive redness and swelling around the surgical site, consult your doctor.

Men and women both can opt for a long hair transplant. A long hair transplant is recommended to those who want quick results without time frames or duration. It is perfect for people who have an event or function to attend in the next 20-25 days.

Unlike other procedures, a long hair transplant produces an immediate outcome and appearance, which lasts for 30-35 days. Long hair begins to grow back after around 2-3 months, so post-haircare is highly necessary and recommended.