Body Hair Transplant in Mumbai

We at Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Rejoice Hair Clinic provide extremely effective hair restoration treatments. Among all our treatments, a body hair transplant is one of the most effective and prevalent procedures. It gives you aesthetically natural hair as per your wish. Our highly experienced dermatologists are experts in body hair transplant procedures.


Our treatment is minimally invasive that benefits our patients in every possible way. We have the most updated equipment to solve your problem in the long run. Our treatment matches the international standards of medical science. As a result, we provide the best hair transplant treatment in Mumbai at an affordable cost.


Dr Shankar Sawant is well known for his hair transplant treatment with an experience of 20 years. He has performed more than 2000 hair transplants across the world. He believes in providing personalized services to his patients.


What is a body hair transplant?

Body hair transplant is an innovative procedure. Here the doctor extracts hair follicles from different parts of your body and transplants them into the bald area of your scalp. It helps in getting maximum density in your hair.


The process is widely accepted because sometimes people do not have sufficient hair follicles in the backside of their scalp. As a result, your doctor needs to extract the follicle from other body parts.

Body hair transplant includes extracting hair follicles from the beard, chest, pubic area, arms, legs, and axilla to utilize for covering the scalp. The treatment is mostly possible for men as they have more body hairs.


The features of body hairs are very different from that of your scalp hair in respect to quality, texture, length and life cycle. However, these differences do not affect the result. Nowadays many people are opting for this procedure as it can provide density in your hair.



What is the cost of a Body hair transplant?

Chest hair can work most effectively for body hair transplant. Along with that, the men have more hairs on their chest area. It requires a higher level of skill to extract hair from your chest.


The harvesting of these body hair grafts consumes more time than usual. It needs high knowledge and skill to perform the surgery. Thus, the body hair transplant cost is much higher than standard excision from the scalp region.


The cost will be decided by the doctor itself after a complete examination of where and how many follicles you need to extract.


Types of body hair transplant

Finding the best donor area is challenging work if your scalp does not have enough hair grafts. In that case, Dr. Shankar Sawant chooses the following regions as a donor.

  • Beard- Scalp hair is very similar to the hairs present in your beard. Both of them have a Long anagen phase and the same type of life cycle etc. Even the availability of hair grafts is also higher than others. So, beard hair is the second most suitable donor for body hair transplant.
  • Chest- Though chest hair is not so similar to scalp hair, yet doctors use these hairs for a suitable donor. Chest hairs are the third option for the after-beard hair follicles. The life cycle and growth phase are also relatively short in comparison to your beard hairs.
  • Pubic area and underarms- Other than these two central donor regions you can have graft excision from the underarms and pubic area as well. If the number of the hair follicle is not sufficient in your beard and chest, only then our Dr. Sawant will use these areas as donors.
Body hair Transplant


How long does it take to recover after the surgery?

It takes around 5 to 6 days to recover after the surgery. Your doctor will prescribe you certain ointments and antibiotics after the surgery for healing.


Side effects of body hair transplant

The most commonly known side effect of body hair transplant is scarring, which you cannot avoid. The other side effects are as follows-

  • Crust around your surgical sites
  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Pain in scalp, itching and swelling
  • Inflammation of hair follicles
  • Visibly unmatched hair with the surrounding natural hairs
  • Hypopigmentation of the donor area in dark skin patients


Frequently asked questions

Q) Who are the ideal candidates for a body hair transplant?

Anybody who has:

  • less amount of hair follicles on the scalp
  • wants a complete coverage of hair
  • has been unsuccessful with hair transplant is an ideal candidate.


Q) What is the procedure of a body hair transplant?

Only FUE or DHT procedure can be advised for body hair transplant.


Q) What are the steps for a body hair transplant?

The steps are as follows-

  • Local anesthesia to the donor region
  • Extraction of hair follicles
  • Harvesting of hair follicles
  • Implantation to the bald area


Q) What are the advantages of getting a Body hair transplant?

The advantages of Body hair transplant are as follows-

  • Availability of a higher number of hair follicles
  • Full coverage of bald area on the scalp
  • Reasonable growth rate when implanted


Q) Will there be any scar after the surgery?

The procedure is minimally invasive. The scope of having any scar is very less.


Q) What is the body hair transplant to head cost?

The body hair transplant to head cost can only be decided by the doctor after proper examination and understanding the requirement of the patient.

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