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Rejoice Hair Transplant is a well-known clinic for providing the best hair transplant in Pune. Rejoice Hair Transplant Pune is known for its top-notch facilities, which are supplied by competent and experienced doctors and well-trained support staff. It has several successful clinics around India, including Pune. Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune is a well-known name for aesthetic laser procedures, hair restoration operations, and other surgical and non-surgical hair treatments. The clinic's patients are treated with cutting-edge technology as well as thorough attention and hygiene. Rejoice Hair Transplant in Pune is so good that the patient feels at ease and satisfied when they visit the facility. Rejoice Hair Transplant is a fantastic alternative for you if you're looking for best hair transplant clinic in Pune.


If you're unsure about which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pune, go no further than Rejoice Hair Transplant. For the best hair transplant treatment in Pune for both male and female pattern baldness and natural hair restoration, choose Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic. You may get the procedures you need to regain your confidence with the best hair transplant surgeon in Pune at Rejoice's clinic. You can improve your appearance and personality at the clinic with a variety of modern procedures. Rejoice Hair Transplant has a great hair transplant surgeon in Pune with many years of experience in all hair loss treatments such as FUE, FUT, Body hair transplant, Beard transplant, and so on.


Rejoice Hair Transplant has had a lot of success with both surgical and non-surgical hair loss techniques. The doctors and experienced support personnel serve every patient who comes to the center with the utmost care. The main goal of the Rejoice clinic team is to ensure the patient's satisfaction, and in order to get the best result from each treatment, the patient and his or her demands are thoroughly examined by the doctor prior to therapy. The center is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment to treat both men's and women's hair problems. If you're not sure who is the best hair transplant doctor in Pune is, go no further than Dr. Shankar Sawnt, the founder of Rejoice Hair Transplant.


At Rejoice Hair Transplant in Pune, we offer a variety of hair transplant treatments.


Direct FUE Hair Transplant – Direct FUE is a sophisticated and detailed hair transplant process that boosts hair growth by 20% to 25%. There is no time between extraction and implantation in this operation. Dr. Shankar Sawant uses specialized equipment to harvest individual hair follicles and implants them directly in the recipient area.


Bio FUT Hair Transplant – Bio FUT is a modified form of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) that allows us to harvest and transplant more grafts each session. There is no need to clip your hair in Bio FUT. Rejoice uses triclosan to determine the correct length and width of the donor strip, as well as the trichophytic closure approach to minimize the linear scar.


Activated DHT – In Activated Direct Hair Transplant (DHT), we use the in-vivo preservation procedure, which means we don't remove the follicular units from the scalp right after punching to maintain the blood supply intact and the grafts healthy. The slits are made in such a way that they may accommodate a single follicular unit in the hairline area, double units in the center of the scalp, and triple units in the middle of the scalp. It produces outcomes that appear to be natural. We then implant adequately cleaned grafts to avoid obstructing the graft's blood supply.


Bio-Synthetic Hair Transplant – At our Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune, we also provide Bio-Synthetic Hair Transplant. This method of artificial hair restoration is appropriate for those who are entirely bald or have insufficient donor hair. Using an implanter pen, bio-synthetic fibers that appear like regular hair strands and come in a variety of hues are implanted in the bald areas.


What Makes Rejoice Hair Transplant in Pune a Good Option?


• At our hair transplant clinic, we have a 95% to 98 percent success rate.


• We are well-known for our amazing service and outcomes.


• Our expert hair transplant doctors undertake all of the surgeries with the help of professional technicians.


• At our hair transplant clinic in Pune, we believe in continuous improvement and use the most up-to-date technology and equipment.


• We place a premium on our customers' safety and satisfaction. As a result, we adhere to strict practices that meet international requirements.


• At Rejoice, we provide low-cost hair transplants in Pune.


• Easy EMI options are also available.


Dr. Shankar Sawant – Our Founder

Dr. Shankar Sawant

Dermatologist, Cosmetologist

Qualifications: MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Specialization: Hair Transplant

Experience: 20+ years


Dr. Shankar Sawant is a well-known hair transplant surgeon in Pune, with more than 20 years of experience. Contact Dr. Shankar Sawant if you're looking for best hair transplant surgeon in Pune. His peers and patients both admire him for his vast expertise and commitment to providing world-class care to each patient. He has performed over 5000 hair transplants in his long and famous career.


Frequently asked questions

Q) Does hair transplant work?

It works, but you need to get it done by a certified specialist for the best results. Transplanted hair remains for life and requires no maintenance. They look and grow naturally.


Q) How long will the surgery take?

The duration of the surgery will depend on your level of baldness and the number of grafts required. For 2000-3000 grafts, it will take around 5-6 hours. For more than 3000 grafts, you will need two sessions to complete the surgery.


Q) Do I have to visit the clinic for periodic follow-ups?

No, you do not have to visit us again and again. After the surgery, you will have to visit us once for a check-up. If you have any queries after that, you can call us.


Q) What criteria must one lookout for while choosing the clinic for a hair transplant?

Before shortlisting a clinic for hair transplant surgery, check for the following criteria:

  • The success rate of hair transplant at the clinic
  • Doctor’s expertise
  • The number of hair transplants he has performed
  • Types of hair transplant technique available at the clinic
  • The technology and equipment used
  • Check the reviews of the clinic


Q) What is the cost of hair transplant in Pune?

If you're wondering what is the cost for hair transplant in Pune, we can inform you that the cost is determined by a variety of factors. These characteristics are linked to the location of the clinic as well as a client's stage of baldness. Even within the same city, region, or even premises, it may differ from clinic to clinic. But don't forget that quality is more important than price! Hair transplant treatment in Pune is provided by Rejoice Hair Transplant at an accessible Hair Transplant Cost in Pune.

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