Most of us take our locks for granted, like good health and youth — that is, before they’re gone. A hair transplant will help bring back what looks like a complete — or at least a fuller — head of hair for many people. If you are particularly bothered by thinning up or going bald, the treatment may be one way to feel more secure about your appearance. But talk to your doctor first about what you should expect before and after the procedure. In this publication, the various factors that influence the cost of hair transplants in Mumbai are being discussed.

If you notice more hair on your hairbrush or on your pillow, you’ll consider hair loss. However, actually, it might be because of hair fall and not hair loss. So before we start with natural solutions for hair fall, you would like to know the difference between hair fall and hair loss.

Hair Transplant Risks

Published on 20th Jan, 21

When you’re considering whether or to not have a hair transplant, you might end up having a thousand questions on your mind. But what about side effects? Does a hair transplant run the danger of any adverse reactions? What are the risks? Will I get an infection? Could a hair transplant cause me to experience a severe health condition? Could a hair transplant cause carcinoma, or other cancer? Well, to answer these questions we have Dr. Shankar Sawant who is known as the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.